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Weve scoured the web to find 10 of the best images of this iconic venue

Most of the images feature Antenna 1 which will form the centre piece of the event arena. Escorted tours will be available from this area to other areas of the site.

A familiar image used across Apollo50 marketing comes from the talented Graham Gaunt who made this beautiful short film featuring stunning time lapse photography –

An old data centre room. These rooms were stacked with racks of computer equipment to process the data being received by the antennas. Their future now lies within the deep space monitoring program and they’ll soon be upgraded with the latest technology. Picture by Design Room Cornwall – more here

We found these atmospheric pictures on a US fine art website 

We love this one as it shows the event arena. The main stage will be set to the left of the picture.

Cornwall’s blood moon eclipse taken above GHY-6

Another atmospheric night time shot of the dishes taken from a Times article on Goonhillys future  

A familiar image used by Cornwall’s tech secor to promote the county’s exciting future

Upgrading GHY-6 for Deep Space Communications. Starting the detailed analysis work. This picture was created by attaching over 4000 reflective laser stickers and then scanned using a laser camera.

Goonhilly looking like a film set for a sci-fi movie.

The site evokes atmosphere even under the grayest of skies.

Weve worked out this will be the position of the moon just as the event closes at 4am on Sat 20th July…..Good night x

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