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A Grand Day Out

By February 12, 2019June 17th, 2019Film, Whats On

Wallace and Gromit enjoy a day out with a difference when a quest to find cheese prompts a visit to the moon. Despite a few hiccups with their homemade rocket, the duo makes a successful lunar landing, arriving just in time for lunch. But a strange, mechanical being isn’t too happy to see Wallace eating slices of moon cheese…

With just moments to spare, Wallace and Gromit make it back to the safety of their rocket before the Cooker dishes out its punishment. The machine has spotted Wallace’s skiing brochure and is captivated…that looks fun! But as Wallace and Gromit make their escape, it seems the Cooker’s dreams of mountains and apres-ski will never be realised…but hang on, what are those two metal things that have fallen from the rocket? Alone on the moon once more, the Cooker attaches two pieces of metal to its feet and lunar skiing is born!

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