Apollo50 welcomes deaf and disabled guests and is working harder to make the show as accessible as possible for everyone.

The Accessibility check-in point will be in a green-field site. Once checked in you will be able to take your vehicle to the event arena at the Goonhilly Earth Station site with a hard road entrance and arena making wheelchair access easier.

We also operate a 2 for 1 (free PA/carer ticket) policy for eligible guests. Only available for Child and Adult Tickets. More information on this including how to book and accepted proof of eligibility documents can be found by emailing


What You Receive as an Access Customer

  • An Accessibility Wristband
  • A complimentary carer/personal assistant ticket if eligible.
  • An Accessible Parking space if required.

Accessible Facilities

  • You will be given your PA/carer accessibility wristband when you arrive. It grants access to the following festival facilities:
  • Viewing platform at Main Stage (unsheltered).
  • Wheelchair-accessible loos.
  • Use of the Accessible Drop-off/Pick-up point.


Access Around Site

  • The event arena is on a large hard standing site. While there are some sheltered areas it is mainly an open-air event. The camp site is a greenfield site with areas of uneven ground and in times of extreme weather, mobility may become very difficult. We ask you to consider this before booking.
  • The route from the accesible parking area/pick-up/drop-off point to the Main Arena is approximately 200m over hard standing roadway.

Please note that strobe effects may be used at the event.  There will be no specific announcements prior to the use of strobes and lasers.

For any questions regarding accessibility at Apollo 50, please email

Please read additional FAQs here

Arena Map

The below map illustrates whats planned for the event arena.

Car Park and Campsite locations

The below map shows the car park and campsite location and distance from the arena. This will be linked by a free shuttle bus.