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By July 18, 2019Film, Whats On

Deep Time: Meteor film Pod

From the outside, it looks like a huge meteor embedded into the ground; inside, it’s a cinema in which you’re invited to watch a collection of newly made films from internationally renowned artists, inspired by the concept of ‘Deep Time’.

Responding to a call out for ideas by Mayes Creative, as part of its Dark Skies: Bright Stars programme, 8 selected artists have used 100ft of film to create their personal response to the theme. Each film will be premiered inside the special pod, created by artists Andrew Bird and Christina Romero Cross. Joanna Mayes, in collaboration with Software Cornwall, Porter Electronics, and Ben Chew, will bring an added dimension using data from a mini cosmic ray detector to affect the way in which the films are shown, depending on the timing and/or quantity of cosmic ray (deep space radiation) activity.

With everything from the indexical trace of the sun to prehistoric landscapes explored, this will be a programme of artistic and film making firsts, led by artist Joanna Mayes.

Artist films included are: 100ft of Deep Time – Duration 31 min 47 sec looped:

Walking in the Stones, 2018, 3 min 03 sec, digital sound – Aoife Desmond

Sun:Spot, 2018, 3 min 32 sec, black/white silent film – James Holcombe

Searching for the Moon 2018, 3 min 7 sec, 16mm colour film, silent – Melanie King

Descent/Ascent, 2018, 2 min 54 sec, 16 mm colour film with digital sound- Rob Gawthrop & Jo Millett

Deep Time, 2018, 7 min 45 sec, black/white silent film – Michael Eddy

Deep Time and the Ocean, 2018, 3 min 32 sec, 8mm colour film with digital sound – Rachael Allain

The Intimacy of Deep Time, 2018, 3 min 22 sec, 16mm black white silent film – Karen Abadie

Zinn, 2018, 2min 50 sec, 16mm colour film with digital sound – Stuart Moore.

The Dark Skies:Bright Stars programme is supported by Arts Council England, Feast, and Heritage Lottery Fund. Cosmic Ray detector research funded by the Cornwall Industrial Trust. Programme created and commissioned by Mayes Creative with support from LUX and Plymouth University. Thanks to Cultivator, European Regional Development Fund and Cornwall Council for funding support for Pod screening equipment.

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