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Opportunity to propose via the Moon

Do you love someone to the moon and back? The organisers of Apollo 50 are offering someone the chance to propose to their loved one via the moon.

The offer comes as part of the Apollo50 event to be held at Goonhilly Earth Station on Saturday July 20th to mark the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. The event offers a day of educational events as well as music performances by Orbital, Public Service Broadcasting and more.

As part of the celebrations an audio message will be sent from one of the giant satellite dishes and bounced off the surface of the Moon back to Earth covering half a million miles and travelling at 186,282 miles per second. A signal sent to the moon does not return until 2.7 seconds have elapsed. So If two people are engaged in a conversation and one person asks a question, that person cannot expect a reply until at least 5.4 seconds later (the answer must travel to the moon and back, as must the question).

Event organiser Alec Short said: “The Moon will rise just behind the main stage after Public Service Broadcasting and just before Orbital so it really could be a special moment for someone especially if it’s a clear night. There’s a lot of romance associated with the moon, so we wanted to see if anyone out there fancied proposing in this unique way.”

The proposal will be recorded and then sent via one of Goonhilly’s iconic dishes to the Moon and back – relayed via the sound system of the main Orbit Stage.

Anyone who is interested in proposing via the moon should get in touch with the team on


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