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Moon Music – July 2018

By July 15, 2018July 23rd, 2018News

One of the biggest cultural imprints The Moon landings made on the present time and future was its influence on music. Its hard to know where to even start on the topic as there is such a vast catalog of artists, songs, concerts. This is going to be a first in a series of posts about Music of The Moon and we are going to ask event director Alec Short from Arc Live to pick his top 10 Moon inspirations…he wants to leave the 10th for a bit more thought..

Were going to add them all to an Apollo50 Spotify playlist.

Echoes by Pink Floyd – This track i first came across on my favourite surf movie Crystal Voyager…i later discovered it on Youtube used on a sequence to The Apollo 11 approach footage and find it just beautiful.Pink Floyd meets Apollo 11. This footage was taken by the DAC Camera on the pilot’s side of the LEM (above Buzz’s head) during the last few minutes of the descent. The rest writes itself….


Space Oddity by David Bowie. This i think would feature in most peoples list but this was from 1969 itself, when the world was obsessed by space travel. Still haunting, despite the flutes.


Rocket Man by Elton John. There is something poignant about space travel and i can just imagine an astronaut requesting this as one of the songs they can listen to before lift off! (this is is a fact about the astronauts being allowed to request 3 songs each prior to launch which i read about in Tim Peakes latest book and Tims was Europe – The Final Countdown!!)


Whole Of The Moon – The Waterboys. More of a favourite song with fitting lyrics than evoking feelings of space travel and the moon.


Sunshine Underground – The Chemical Brothers. This would be my space travel anthem a great track to go at hyperspeed on a spaceship i would think…


The Weather Experience – The Prodigy. This track featured heavily on my mix tapes in my late teens i dont know why i think of space when i hear this but i do…possibly linked to a state of mind more than outer atmospheres..The way they build the track up to the amazing acid 808 sound in the middle is genius.


Belfast – Orbital. Beautifully melodic and atmospheric and makes me want to look up at the stars when hearing this…You cant get more Orbital than this.


Moonlight Mile – Rolling Stones. I couldn’t do this list without an insertion of my favourite band and doesn’t come more moon themed than Moonlight Mile


Moon Rocks – Talking Heads.  Another favourite band of mine and one of my favourite albums too with expected classic Talking Heads lyrics…”Man in the Moon, Moon in the Man..ive got a rock in my spoon”

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